The Darkwood Music Co.

Since 1992, I have been building and restoring fine stringed instruments for every level of musician and collectors. My first love is with the violin-style instruments in the original classical designs, but also I enjoy experimenting with form, function and modern electronics and materials.

As a result, I have ventured into some innovative projects in cigar box instruments, electric guitars, violins and stick basses. From classic design to sometimes Frankenstein-like weird stringed things, I enjoy the challenge of making strings that make beautiful music.

A true love for me is the restoration of old and fine musical instruments, and over the years I have had the joy of restoring everything from 300 year old cellos, violins, classical guitars, and oddities like harp guitars and triple necks. I was truly honored in 2001 to be chosen to restore a Gibson ES-135 owned and played by Hank Williams Sr. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than to bring a fine instrument crafted by a long gone Master back to life and back to voice.