Electric Project

Well, not to pick on the massive Chinese factories where the workers make 2 bucks a day so that they can flood the market with cheap, poorly made instruments of every type you can imagine while they deplete the stocks of tone woods world wide to be converted into said cheap, poorly made instruments of every type you can imagine, but I think this rant just did.

The result has been to depress the price points of just about everything. I mean you can buy a violin with case and a bow for less than $75.00. However, there is one instrument that has held it’s price through out the import onslaught. That’s the electric guitar. Yes, you can buy a cheepo tele or strat for a few hundred bucks. But I’m talking about custom, quality electrics, beautiful, built to last, play like silk and sound fantastic. You can find them at any major music store for $1k up to over $6k.

You can also find even better here at Darkwood. Custom made right here in the good ol’ USA. Consider my options and compare my Tele to anyone else:

  1. Custom wood body, no matter how exotic, we can get it.
  2. Custom wound pickups: P-90/100 at the neck, double Humbuckers at the tail, and my custom acoustic voiced pick up under the bridge.
  3. No three way switch – I use a separate dial for each pickup so you have an infinite possibility of sound and tone.
  4. Neck materials ranging from wood to graphite
  5. Steinberg planar geared tuners.
  6. Custom carvings, body shapes, and inlays that are only limited by your imagination.