Cigar Box Factory

It was a few years back when a dear friend stopped by and, as was usual for him, and dropped off a music picture book. Sometimes it would be a book about musicians, sometimes books of sheet music, and often books filled with classic instruments to pour over. But this fateful day the book was “The Complete Book of Cigar Box Instruments”. Now I had previously seen musicians like Steve Arvey (an old friend) play a cigar box blues guitar, usually with four strings, at a gig. But with the new book, I had no idea of the wide variety of instruments of the type. There was even a resonator electric cigar box violin! Over time I became obsessed with the book and ultimately I discovered the unlimited craft and creativity that can be found with these amazing instruments.

As a result, I recruited a few like-minded craftsmen and we launched the Cigar Box Factory at Darkwood Music. It’s a pure, custom shop with each instrument being totally unique.

Stay tuned to this page for photos of the new instruments. Better yet, click on the Contact link and get a few (no, I won’t overload your inbox or give away your address) notices as something new and unusual comes off the bench. And if you have an idea for a custom instrument we’d love to explore it with you.