Recording with something rare and different...
It's called talent and experience.

Just about anyone can set up a small digital recording studio for less than a thousand bucks and go into "the recording business." Get a few investors behind you and you can set up a gee whiz - holy wow facility right in your own garage. All you have to do is read a few manuals, push a few buttons and bam! - you have a recording studio. What you don't get in all of that chips and wire is an ear, experience, and talent. That's why you come to Darkwood.

We have the ear.

We have the experience.

We have the talent.

These are the three keys to success in the independent music world. If you are missing only one you are going to miss your goal. But there's still more at Darkwood... We create the professional look and feel of a successful CD project. From the graphics to liner notes to...

Custom Art & Photography

Photoshop Experts

Promotional Writing

Professional Look & Layout

Website Development

And there's still more...

Our in-house expert in sales, promotion, and marketing knows how to set your marketing program into high gear for maximum exposure and profits. It's hard to find all of that in the gee whiz world of digital recording because it simply won't fit in the box. But you will find it all and more at Darkwood Music.

You are the musician, you are the performance talent. Let us do all of the rest.

Together we will produce success.

Please contact us to discuss your project and your budget.

We would like you to make us your one stop shop for success in independent music and the recording industry.

In Studio and World-Wide Remote Recording Available