Production is more than duplication...
Project Production

If you are following the "normal" process for CD projects, at some point you found your self standing outside of the traditional recording studio with your master disc in your hand wondering, "now what?"

We know what...

It's time to conceive, design and produce the look and feel of your project. That means graphics, artwork, layout, text, color selection... Yes, you could do it yourself or get the kid next door to help out. But it won't be done as well as we do it.

After all of the creative energy you put into the music and the performance, don't leave the next crtical steps to just anyone with a computer and a paint program.

It's like jumping over ten buses on a motorcycle. Leave it to the pros.

Leave it to Darkwood.

Replication and Duplication Management

Rep & Dupe appears to be deceptively easy thanks to the web. That's because it is deceptively complicated.

Consider the following:

Do you need duplication or replication?

Do you know the difference?

Do your graphic files fit the replicator's templates?

Are the tracks IRSC coded for download? Do you have a barcode or ISBN number?

Does your master disc contain too many micro-trac errors?

Jewel Case, Slimline, Cardboard Sleeve, Shrink Wrap?

Who has the best price? The best quality?

Wait, you don't need to know all of that because we do.

While we don't venture into the world of replication and duplication ourselves, we do provide experienced and competent management of duplication and replication companies. We know the ropes so you don't need to.

Let Darkwood do it for you...

Professionals Producing Professional Products