No Forwarding Address

We recorded No Forwarding Address in 2009 at the new Darkwood Studio in El Jobean, Florida. Since my music often resembles my reality, NFA comes out on the heels of the ignominious end (that means "not so good" for those of you who listen to bluegrass) of the Darkwood Center project in Punta Gorda. The curtain comes down, you pick up your rubber mallet and move on. But read the liner notes to see what I'm talking about. NFA is musically simple but philosophically (that means ... oh never mind) complex work about things that hold us together, things that pull us apart, and how to know which is which.
The CD is available in hard copy at and by electronic downloads on iTunes, Limewire, etc.

1. Roberta
2. Dollar Matinee
3. Morning Eyes
4. Love You True
5. Bubbles The Clown
6. Just Called
7. Trampoline
8. Birmingham Sunday
9. Jack Stone's Blues
10. Over The Moon
11. Short Pay
12. Lake Charles
13. Falling for You
14. Laura's Song
15. Hide Thou Me

No Forwarding Address - Liner Notes

I have learned seven or so lessons in the last year while making this CD that I'd like to share with you. They're not new or especially poetic, but they fit my time and condition
quite well, all things considered. So here they are...

1. If you do good, people will accuse you of ulterior motives - do good anyway.

2. Honesty and openness make you vulnerable - be honest and open anyway.

3. The biggest ideas will be shot down by the smallest minds - think big anyway.

4. What you spend years building can be destroyed overnight- build it anyway.

5. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow - do good anyway.

6. If you are successful you will aquire false friends and true enemies - be successful anyway.

7. Give your best and few will notice - give your best anyway.

There are no guarantees and nothing remains the same, but the doing is far more important than the done. Once you have that in your pocket, the rest is quite easy.

Enjoy the music...
R.J. Malloy
El Jobean, Florida October 31, 2009
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