Acoustic Americana - Blues - Folk

I love all types of music and I've dabbled in everything from classical viola to steel resonator blues. In my years as a master luthier, I've learned to play just about anything with strings, along with my love of acoustic guitar. So it was hard to sit down and assign a style of music to myself. But venue owners, booking agents, radio DJ's, and publicists demand to know, and I can't make a living without them. Americana, folk and blues, that's pretty close, but there's more.

I'm an independent music lover and player. No "formula" music for me. I listen to the original music that's playing on the street and in the bars, which to me is the real music of the human condition. So I sing and write songs that make you feel your humanness, your lot in the common give and take of our time. If you can sit through one of my sets and not feel something other than the beat, then you need to check your pulse.
Or else I'm just not doing my job.

"So tell me, R.J., what type of music do you play; Americanna, folk or blues?"

I'd say just the stuff that makes you feel human. You know: love, loss, success, public drunkeness and such. And I do it with every acoustic genre I can squeeze it into: folk, blues, blue grass, country, irish, classical...

You get the picture... Now listen to my music.

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Banjo..6 strings...hmmm...
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