Our Friends

An Claidheamh Solis - Gaelic Adventure.
See their CD "New Wine Only In Old Bottles"
Beth Marshall
The sweetest voice in the South
Betsy Badwater
The Rockabilly Queen - delicate as a rebar
Mike Carignan
Extra-Smooth Acoustic Soloist & Songwriter
Andrew Delaney
The man behind Bubbles the Clown
D. Anson Brody
Watch him beat his guitar to death...why is his picture bigger than everyone else?... what does the D stand for?
Doug Spears
Nobody, but nobody tells a Florida story better than he does.
Greg Trooper
The king of the one man show. My inspiration and I steal his stuff whenever I can get away with it.
Jimmy Ryan
Think you can play the mando? Listen to Jimmy and you will go home and burn yours. Plays a mean bathtub too...
Richard Brobst
Englewood's country star and an incredible acoustic picker...(I worked on his guitar)
Tamela D'Amico
What could I possibly say other than she has the voice, the class, the talent, the style, the....the list goes on. I am so in love...yet from afar...(sigh).
Tropical Ave
Wanna dance? Wanna have a fun night? Google map your way to Tropical Ave and dance in the street.
Dwayne Slayton
Mando, guitar, long hair, good looks. I am so jealous. He even has a signature on his picture. I should be so lucky. Oh yeah, great music too!
Old Crow Medicine Show
Few years back, I'm standing on a stage in Boca Grande with Ketch Secor and suddenly he breaks into a wild Mexicali version of Margaritaville.

We have not been back since...

Amy Hart
Strength, character, talent, passion & presence... all in one package. I met Amy a few years back and got to sit in with her band. All I can say is the name says it all" "Ah My Heart!"
Leslie DaCosta
The best sax and flute player in the jazz circuit I have ever heard. Power, technique and energy fill the air when he's jamming, AND, he's a nice guy to boot! Yes, you can have it all...
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