Liars, Crooks & Felons

This CD was recorded at the first Darkwood Music (then on Cooper Street in Punta Gorda) and at the historic El Jobean Depot on the Myakka River, and was released in 2007. The Cd was originally a fund raiser for hurricane relief for St. Mary of the Angels in New Orleans (Hey, remember New Orleans?).
All of the musicians and writers donated their time and material and we had a rollicking great time putting it all together.

Liars, Crooks & Felons tells the story of two really bad years in love and commerce with the required somewhat happy ending. It was also a great exercise in coming to grips with the idea that you don't always get it right, you don't always get the girl, and the good guys don't always win.

But at least we still have the music...

The CD is available in hard copy at and by electronic downloads on iTunes, Limewire, etc.
The Music

Lonesome For You Now

Get Away Car

Apart For Awhile

Drinking Blues

Hello In There

Now That The Loving is Gone

Carry On

Can't Make It

Cross Town Blues

My Hometown

Great Divide

Urge For Going

Shooting Star

Things Left Undone

A Song of Love

Get Away Car was No. 9 for 2008 on WKIX Country